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Accidental Romance Sample Chapter 


 Ella paid no attention to the lecture in her class. Her mind became clouded with thoughts much too sensitive to talk about. At least to her. Home life could be troublesome occasionally. Her parents had good intentions for her. Many of the arguments were about her. Her parents had one thing in mind for her for future. Ella had different objectives she wanted to accomplish. She took this opportunity to jot down her goals on paper. The sound of her pen against the paper was the only thing she heard. Nothing else meddled with her thought process. 

 “Become a writer. By any means necessary,” she spoke to herself. 

 Ella loved to write. It was her passion. Even her literature teacher picked up on that. Ella excelled in writing to an exponential degree. Everyone admired her for her ability to take anything and create a fantastic story. Her niche was romance. She had a way with words to draw a person into the story.

 “Take solace in the little things. Don’t dwell on the bigger and grander things. They can steer you in paths unwanted.” Ella moved onto her next goal.

 Ella became enthusiastic about enjoying the little things in life. She took pride in them and sought them out regularly. Her style reflected this. She didn’t dress too flashy nor keep up with popular trends either. She dressed to her tastes and what made her comfortable with herself. This garnered the attention of someone she didn’t know even existed. 

 “Find love and happiness.”

 Ella sighed out loud. This would be difficult for her. She liked being alone and didn’t go out looking for attention from anyone. She liked being alone. She thought better that way. Everyone always branded her as depressed, which was not the case. She felt awkward around people and more comfortable on her own. Did this goal seem outlandish? No, just difficult, which was why it came last on her list.

 The school bell rang, bringing her attention back to reality. She placed her pen and books into her backpack, zipping it all the way. She folded her letter of accomplishments neatly and placed it in her jacket pocket. No one must know about this. Not even her parents. They would find a way to prove her goals asinine. They would go to great lengths to convince her that’s not where she should be. 

 She rushed out of class, heading for her locker to drop her letter off and pick up books for the next class. As she rushed through the sea of students, she accidentally bumped into someone. She didn’t lose her bearings luckily. 

 “I’m sorry,” a young man said, extending his trembling hand to Ella. 

 “It’s okay.” Ella took his hand and brought herself up. 

 She brushed herself off and politely nodded her head. 

 “Thank you,” she awkwardly spoke. 

 She quickly left, not giving the young man time to reply, which became a blessing in disguise to him – he felt awkward by the situation. A faint sigh of relief and a moment to breathe, the young man spotted a folded note. He picked the letter up and assumed it belonged to Ella. He shoved it in his pocket, hoping to gather the courage to confront her. 

 He was an introvert. And his name was Jon. He liked being alone, not being surrounded by people. It made him unresponsive to life when around too many people. Being at school was one of those places that made him a little uneasy because of the volume of people. But school was a necessity, there was no getting around it. The one thing that helped Jon cope with this was in fact Ella. 

 The first day Jon saw her, the environment didn’t affect him. Her presence alone became his cure. But not entirely though. He soon found that trying to approach her was still just as difficult as being around people in the masses. He realized how sad it was when you liked someone, but being so socially inclined that you couldn’t even say “hi” to a girl you liked. 

 Today, Jon would make sure things would go differently. He had something of Ella’s that needed to be returned; he had no right to keep it nor a need to. During lunch, he would find her and explain that she dropped it in the hall. Nothing more, nothing less. Nothing could go wrong, right? He needed to get through one more class, and during this class he would build up the courage to approach the girl he liked. 

 His science class was much too long. He became antsy in his seat, mentally keeping a countdown of the minutes and seconds till the bell rang. His teacher lingered on the subject of human biology while Jon’s thoughts trailed off on what his opening statement would be to Ella. 

 “Okay, class, I want you to take note that there is a test on Friday for everything we learned today,” the science teacher announced. 

 Groans from students rolled in through the class, causing the teacher to shake his head at the outcome. The bell rang and the stampeding feet of the science class bolted. Jon was the last to leave, feeling upset to his stomach. His pace was slow, but he made it to lunch. The cafeteria was bustling and the sounds of silverware echoed. 

 Jon saw Ella. She was in the corner eating by herself as usual. Her face was buried into her paper she vigorously wrote on. Jon gulped and set one foot forward. His knees knocked against each other. His stride was slow, but consistent. With each step he was growing very hesitant. 

 Jon reached halfway when he suddenly stopped. He couldn’t go any further. The hand that held the letter shook visibly. 

 “Shit, I can’t do it…”


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