A couple weeks back my husband surprised me with a vacation to Helen, Georgia, a Bavarian style town nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains. I was beyond excited to hear I’d be visiting a town so rich in German culture.

As you can see the fresh air there became so invigorating I couldn’t help but share my excitement with a picture.

We explored the surrounding area and much to our excitement we’re pleased with everything, right down to the style of the lanterns that lined the streets. The first day was rainy but very enjoyable nonetheless. Much better than the brutal heat and blinding sun of Florida.

We perused the many shops there and we’re delighted to stumble upon a shop that made wooden toys. We watched a carver amid making a wooden car and scored amazing tops for my daughter!

The following day we headed off to Anna Ruby Falls. It was simply breathtaking. The shock and awe imbedded itself into the soul leaving me feel refreshed and invigorated. The air was much cleaner than in Florida due to the forestry and waterfall.

I enjoyed my stay in Helen and will definitely go back in the future, perhaps when there’s snow?


Helen, Georgia will be featured in an upcoming novella! Stay tuned!


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