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So I wanted to inform my readers I’m delaying the next book in the Seasons series. No matter how I cut it I have no ambition to get it done. I have extensive notes for each chapter so it’s not about having no ideas or having writers block, but simply I don’t have the drive like I did with the previous books in the series. I’m not abandoning the series or the last book, I’m putting it on hold simply because I don’t believe in forcing an idea and having the quality suffer because of it. My brand is about quality and if I presented something under par to my readers my brand would be tarnished. I will write it once I am in a good place mentally. I hope my readers understand. I have to take care of myself too to provide you all with a quality book.

In the meantime, I’m writing what I absolutely enjoy the most, my novellas. I have so much inspiration, so much ambition and the drive to write them. It’s only logical to do the very thing I become enthusiastic about. I love my novellas, especially my holiday ones. I hope you all look forward to the many novellas on the way!


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