This morning I checked on the garden and give it its morning drink when I noticed new buds!

I inspected these beautiful newbies and wondered what they could be. Any gardener knows the anticipation of a flower blooming and the impatience that follows. I doused my garden with water and sauntered inside the begin my day. Noontime arrived and I wandered outside for the next round of watering. My eyes grew as I pinpointed a beautiful pink flower.

This pastel beauty is a Cowherb. It’s used in many Chinese medical practices to reduce swelling. Neat, huh? I picked up my garden hose and watered from the top left corner, working myself down. As I watered I witnessed something amazing!

One of my flowers began to bloom before my eyes! I continued to water the garden and when I reached the flower again for another small spritz, it opened further!

I am beyond amazed to have witnessed such a wonderful thing! This vibrant flower is an Egyptian Star Cluster. I can’t wait to see the progression it makes by the end of the day!


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