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Meant for Maggie is truly a magical and heartfelt story. I was captivated by the wonderful romance and charm this story contained. I fell in love with the main characters and the mountain town folk with their witty dialogue. I found it difficult to stop reading this heartwarming tale of sweet romance. I hope to see more in this series from this gifted author!

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There’s a witty new girl in Manchester and she has everybody talking. Stunningly pale and devastatingly beautiful, all the boys want her. However, Annabelle Torrance has a secret – she’s a vampire.

Tommy Grey is a sweet boy who enjoys writing. He becomes fascinated by Annabelle who can levitate things with her bare hands.

His best friend, an optimistic warlock named Will, helps Tommy piece the puzzle together. On an adventure, they discover the ultimate weapon – the red, enchanted blade capable of restoring life to a victim of a vampire bite.

When bodies turn up all over Manchester, Tommy fears the worst. Will urges him to report Annabelle to a group of vampire hunters who work with the local Catholic Church, The Order of The Silver Hand, he knows he should, so what’s stopping him?

Can he resist Annabelle’s bite and her charms? This special Halloween novella is perfect to celebrate the most thrilling holiday of the year.

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Last year I debuted my first paranormal book, A Christmas Ghost. While no supernatural books are set to release this year, be on the look out for next year as a Halloween novella, Turned, will release in time for the thrilling holiday! Turned features vampires! Who’s excited!? I’ve also attached the blurb for Turned so I hope you all are looking forward to it!

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First off, Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you’re day is going wonderfully! Today I bring to you another update on our garden. Saturday morning I wandered to the garden and noticed two spots with dark colors.

This beautiful burgundy color is vivid in the sea of white, green, purples, and pinks. This flower is called Coreopsis, common name is Tickseed. Doesn’t this remind you of Autumn?

This is the same flower species yet it’s a blood red hue with a tinge of yellow on the tips of the petals. Again, this color is reminiscent of Autumn to me.

This morning I saw a vibrant yellow peeking through and noticed this flower. Another Coreopsis! This time it’s a spectacular duet of yellow and red! With these hues I’m looking forward to Autumn already!



This morning I checked on the garden and give it its morning drink when I noticed new buds!

I inspected these beautiful newbies and wondered what they could be. Any gardener knows the anticipation of a flower blooming and the impatience that follows. I doused my garden with water and sauntered inside the begin my day. Noontime arrived and I wandered outside for the next round of watering. My eyes grew as I pinpointed a beautiful pink flower.

This pastel beauty is a Cowherb. It’s used in many Chinese medical practices to reduce swelling. Neat, huh? I picked up my garden hose and watered from the top left corner, working myself down. As I watered I witnessed something amazing!

One of my flowers began to bloom before my eyes! I continued to water the garden and when I reached the flower again for another small spritz, it opened further!

I am beyond amazed to have witnessed such a wonderful thing! This vibrant flower is an Egyptian Star Cluster. I can’t wait to see the progression it makes by the end of the day!



We’re currently 58 days in with our garden and I must say it flourishing! We’ve welcomed Sweet Alyssums, Snapdragons of various colors, Starviolets, Black Jacks, and now our newest flower is a Field Chickweed!

It’s so beautiful and delicate looking! Just behind it is a new color of Snapdragon, Orange! When it fully blooms I’ll have a picture of it. I’m enjoying this wonderful botanical journey and can’t wait to see what else blooms!